Friday Knights started with 300 t-shirts in the trunk of a Dodge Charger. In 2011, we started the brand as a creative outlet and a public sounding board to engage in social commentary within the Winnipeg hip hop community.

After a few years of pounding the pavement and slanging shirts at local rap shows, our messages took us beyond the weekend hobby we started, and in 2016 we opened two pop up shops while our wholesale stockists had our brand on shelves in 40 stores coast to coast. 

Feeling we were losing some creative control, we scaled our wholesale operations back in 2017 and opened a flagship store in Winnipeg, where we also gave people a place to sell their sneakers on consignment. In nearly three years, our community became bigger than the store, and it was time again for change, so on the last day of 2019, we closed, and moved into a 3000 square foot studio down the street. 

Today our primary focus is building community by sharing the things that we love through collaboration, and creative mediums, like events, apparel, art and video. Our aim is to create inclusivity in an industry driven by exclusivity, in Winnipeg and beyond.