Friday Knight's Summer 2023 Graphic Series

For SS23 I decided to create something slightly louder than anything I have designed in recent years. Most of the stuff I’ve put out since 2011 has been a reflection of my own experience, and a lot of shit we don’t like to talk about. Heartbreak, getting your bike stolen, getting robbed, mental illness, struggling with connection, having folks switch on you, feeling enamoured by trends, sucking at sports (lol) - with the unspoken message that we are in this together, and we can overcome any obstacle.

The overarching theme has always been triumph, and illustration has always been an outlet for me to make light of the bullshit we’re dealt on our respective journeys. One time I made a shirt that said, “insufficient funds” on it, and somebody told me that was “broke shit”, as if that wasn’t the fucking point. I’m making these bigger and louder than ever, and the point should be clear as day.

Each piece in this collection was illustrated with the intent of large format printing on a selection of my favourite blanks and washes, all made in the USA and printed in Canada.